Sunday, March 4, 2012

I am blessed, Indeed.

I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I remember sitting at the dinner table watching the guys be goofy.  I can remember giggling and rolling our eyes as the 3 guys took turns pushing each other in the buggy at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  The lizard bought from the quarter machine that used to sit at the back of the store in Old Navy.  The movie. In a space that no longer shows movies. 
(this picture was actually on Derek's 21st birthday, we'd been married about 9 months then)
Little did I know that this night would change the rest of my life forever. 

Little did I know that one of the OTHER guys would become my best friend over time. 

Little did I know, that he would one day be my husband.

God orchestrated a beautiful plan that evening, though we could've had no idea at the time.

It's been 12 years today. And I still look back and smile at the fun memories made. And I thank God for His plan for my life. I thank God for allowing me to fall in love with the one He designed just for me. 
(a most recent pic of us, and he's still just as silly :) )
Two years ago, I wrote THIS post.  On the significance of a decade.  I can't believe it's been 12 years. God is so good. 

And the year before that I wrote THIS post. On the many things this day represents for us. 

(there's a bonus picture of Derek from high school on that post. You know you wanna click it!)

Derek, I love you dear. Happy day I met you.  I'm so glad it was you. 

I am blessed, Indeed.

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