Thursday, February 21, 2013

Amber and Hazelwood. (PRODUCT REVIEW)

Have you ever lived through a teething baby screaming at night?

If you have, many hugs, because I know your pain.

I can only wish I had known about Baltic Amber way before my third was born.

I received this beautiful necklace from Teething tots. And the difference it has made in our lives is tremendous.

When we first put the amber necklace on Asher, he went from waking more than five times a night and swollen gums and all, to sleeping through the night, being a much happier baby and his gums were no longer swollen and his teeth came through almost immediately.

I can't imagine living life without it now.

This is a little of what her site says about Baltic Amber.

 Amber is fossilized sap which contains trace amounts of succinic acid, a known anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. The warmth from the skin releases the active ingredient in the amber. The active ingredient is quickly absorbed into the blood stream, when worn against the skin, soothing a baby naturally while he or she struggles with the pain of cutting brand new teeth. By having your baby wear the necklace everyday, it will help to reduce the common symptoms related to teething such as; redness in the cheeks, swollen gums, diaper rashes and fevers.

The necklace is so well made, and adorable at that.  It is knotted between each bead so that even if he broke the necklace, there would be little to no chance of a choking hazard because none of the beads would fall off! Not only that, it's made to break with force so if he got caught on something, it'd break almost instantly.

I seriously will continue to have our kids wear these because I've seen the benefits first hand, and they are worth every penny.

The customer service is AMAZING. Corie is so easy to work with and so kind and quick to respond. 

I also got to try out one of these Hazelwood necklaces for myself.

I have horrible eczema and the Hazelwood is supposed to help with that. I was a little skeptical at first, but I've really enjoyed wearing it AND it seems to be working. I've slept better than I used to because I'm not waking up to itch all night which is a HUGE plus.

 This necklaces is beaded with hazelwood, lapis lazuli, and hematite to offset the others.  I love the way it looks. It's so fun but practical and I can wear it with almost anything and not worry about it clashing.

Here's a little about what her website has to say about these:

Hazelwood provides a natural alternative to many of the more expensive, intensive, and messy treatments. Hazelwood is an alkaline wood and has the natural property of absorbing and neutralizing the body's acidity through contact with the skin. Acidity in the body during teething often leads to symptoms such as diaper rash, diarrhea, teething rash, runny nose, increased reflux episodes and inflammation of the cheeks. Hazelwood aids in relieving or preventing many of the symptoms caused by this unbalanced acidity.

Overall, I think this one is great as well. It's strong and durable which is important with 3 young kids and it's not too heavy even with the wood and hematite. I thought that would make it heavy, but it doesn't.

If you have little ones with eczema, or have eczema yourself, this may be the way to go. I'm a natural kinda girl, so I'd pick this before I tried any steroid cream or anything like that to treat eczema for sure!!

** In full disclosure, I was given these products to review at no cost to me. All opinions stated here are my own**

Sunday, February 17, 2013

23 months.

Yall, I cannot believe my baby will be TWO next month.
He's the sweetest thing, and so fiesty too.   Not much has changed since last month, he's still talking like crazy, and loving running and jumping and climbing and falling down :) 

He loves to sing about Jesus, and he loves to pray for you. So stinkin cute. 

His favorite song is Hallelujah. Though recently he's picked up "I want candy" from the kids watching HOP.

He's becoming so independent and continues to amaze me with how smart he is.

I can't believe how fast it goes.

Monday, February 11, 2013


The past few weeks have been insane.   We got home from CLR and found out we need to MOVE by the end of April.

Our landlord wants to put our house on the market and our lease is up in April.

So, this began the process of applying for loans, and looking for houses etc.  

We found a house we love, though that is subject to change, and now we're just waiting on loan officers to finish working things out and see what we qualify for etc.

This is a scary time, but we're loving it too, we're excited to finally move!!

And I'll leave you with a few pictures from the last few weeks. There aren't many because my phone went down the proverbial toilet.   However, getting a new phone was a highlight of the month. :)