Saturday, August 27, 2011

Better is...

Some of you may remember THIS POST.

Recently, we were at the first night of revival at our church and Elijah had to go potty right as service began (surprise right???)   So as I was waiting for him to come out of the bathroom, I was enjoying the praise band from the foyer, as they were playing "Better is One Day"

A few minutes later, Elijah emerges from the boys restroom singing at the top of his lungs... They'd reached the chorus by this point (come on, sing it with me, better is one day in your courts ,better is one day in your house...)Anyhow, they'd reached the chorus and Elijah is trying his best to keep up and sing along and he blurts out this gem...

"Better is one day in your courts, better is one day in your mouths..."  Yes, my friends, he said MOUTHS instead of house.   Hey it sounds alike right?

I wish I had a way to document every single thing the kid says, he cracks me up all day long, every single day!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School

So I think we are FINALLY ready to jump into FIRST GRADE! I cannot believe how quickly time flies! 
We got our finishing touches on our curriculum in the mail today, and so we are shooting to start on MONDAY! yay!

After much consideration and prayer, I decided I wanted to go with Horizons. I feel like this is where God was leading me, and so I believe we're going to have an amazing year! 



And what would back to school be, without awesome back to school cookies to celebrate?




Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look mom!!

Look what my sweet boy is learning to do :)   Did I mention I'm in love with this little guy? :)





Monday, August 22, 2011

Asher's favorite toy (first edition!)

This kid LOVES this toy. 

He attacks it when he sees it and it keeps him entertained for good lengths of time, score for mommy!

Truth be told, I bought it back when Kyley was little, she only played with it a handful of times and so I put it away for future kids.

I apparently forgot where I "put" it while Elijah was little because just recently I found it in a box of Kyley's old toys I'd kept for our next girl while I was going through stuff for our recent yard sale.


So I cleaned it up to make sure it was germ free when I gave it to him, and gave it to Ash-man, and he's had a blast with it ever since!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 months old (yesterday)


My sweet little man is 5 months old! I can't believe how quickly time flies!

I've put away almost ALL of his 0-3 clothes, and he's finally filling out the 3-6 so they don't look like they are falling off. He's still wearing a size 1 diaper, but I don't know how much longer that will last either!

He weighs in at a whopping 15 lbs!
He has been rolling over from back to front occassionally, and he loves to roll from his tummy to his back.
Just in the last week or so he found his feet and loves to play with them.
He's starting to sit up on his own for brief periods of time, but he's not sturdy enough for me to just leave him there yet.
He's showing a lot of interest in our food, so I'm sure he's going to LOVE when we let him eat solids in a month or so, but until then he's still nursing on demand.

He is a drool machine, though no sign of teeth just yet, we'll see though. My other two haven't cut teeth until 10 months or later!

He loves Kyley and Elijah, and he lights up when they talk to him :) I just love it.
He is ticklish and I love to hear him giggle when someone finds a tickle spot!

Asher man, we love you so much!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Holy Cow Mosquitos Batman!
I'll spare you all the images, but apparently my youngest has a pretty adverse reaction to mosquito bites. YIKES!
We knew Elijah was allergic (though Kyley is not and her skin seems to be more sensitive?!), but his reaction wasn't bad.   But Asher has raised the bar. His reactions to them are ridiculous!
Anyways, so I'm looking for some advice.  I'm looking at a few different type of bug bands (bracelets that repel mosquitoes) but I don't want to waste my money on something if it doesn't work. Which is where you guys come in!I came across a 3 pack of these type bands at CVS this week. It was the only package they had, so I grabbed them, though we haven't had time to try them out yet. Have any of you tried these?

I also found these, and I believe these are like one we bought for Elijah a few summers ago and I felt like it worked well but it was pretty stiff and Elijah hated wearing it.

ButI have also been looking at these...

and these...

Do any of you have any experience with them? I really am not sure if they work or not, which is why I haven't committed to buying any certain one yet but I have to do something because my poor boy is covered in bites and they swell up and get hard with a knot in them and just look awful :( poor baby :(

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yard Sale and Yard Hard Work.

I have to give MAD props to my hubby and a few of our great friends today.  All week we've been planning on having a yard sale today. I'd been working in the shed organizing and going through stuff to sale all week long. Cleaning out closets, dressers, anything I could find to get rid of "stuff" and simplify our lives.  I'm so tired of clutter, it drives me INSANE!  It just so happens that at the same time I've been pricing the curriculum I want to order for Kyley this year (yes a little late I know)  So we made that our goal, to fund our curriculum for the year through the yard sale.  When I added up everything I was going to need for curriculum, the most I was going to need was right at 270.00.    Can I tell you that GOD is good ?  Because He is.   Our grand total today:    272.00!   No lie.    And on top of that, I have a whole shed full of stuff we still need to sell that didn't sell today, and we're going to set up again next week to try to get rid of that, and after that, what is left we'll donate because I don't want it back in my shed!
We stayed up all night last night working on last minute things (ok I was, the boys watched movies all night to stay awake).  We started setting up about 530 this morning, and bless him... Tim stayed all night and all day with us.  And we were doubly blessed that our sweet friend Marlon brought us lunch in exchange for something his wife wanted that we were selling :)

And then... the yard work began. Earlier in the week we had gotten a letter from the city about weeds etc. Which is hilarious because we'd JUST cut our grass the week before so it was pretty low, but whatever.  So we set to work to get everything done before the city comes back out on Monday to check... Yay.     Derek, Tim, & Will have been working their booties off to make sure our yard is in tip top shape and I am so blessed to have a husband who will work hard to make things the way they need to be, and that we have friends willing to lend a hand.   I've done what I could throughout the day while nursing a babe but the truth is, when you have a newborn, it's HARD to do anything other than hang w/ the baby.  Oh well.   Anyways, I'm thankful for our hard working crew nonetheless.  

Hope you guys have had an awesome Saturday as well!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Potty Training TRAINED!

I've been meaning to update this for a few weeks now, because I've been writing about it for so long.  

Elijah has been a whole MONTH without a diaper during the day or night.   We still have a few random accidents, but it's mostly if he is trying to get to the bathroom and can't get his clothes off in time etc. He is doing GREAT! 

I knew he could do it, but he had to decide for himself that he was ready.  He's been dry for almost 2 weeks at night even and I've caught him getting up at night to go to the potty and getting back in bed!  

I'm so proud of my big boy!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wedding Day!

We are so excited to be a part of Savannah and Peden's big day!  We have watched these two grow from teens in high school, to the adults they are today and we are so blessed to call them friends.   Happy wedding day, we love yall!
(photo taken by me, at their engagement shoot)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

a jumbled up mess.

Today is the first day in over a week I haven't felt like my head was going to explode. We have so much going on and so many things to do right now that I have neglected the blog, partly because I was too busy, and partly because I haven't had time to think about what to sit down and write.
My brother & sister in law (and niece) have been in town for a week, so we tried to see them as much as possible, while juggling painting our children's area (it's going to ROCK!) , pre-wedding prep work for some of our awesome friends who are getting married on Saturday, and then normal work/house/kids that we do on a daily basis.
Oh and did I mention that our 8th anniversary was this past week? I'm so blessed to be married to my amazing husband, and it's been a wonderful 8 years!

Anyhow, I have a lot of pics and a lot of other things to post about but I need to organize those thoughts and put them into words. Hopefully I'm back to my normal schedule soon :)