Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My valentine ( a little late I know)

I feel like I'm so behind on blogging about the kids- I've been SO busy I haven't had time to sit down and breathe a blog post out... oh well...  So... here are a few pictures of my little valentine :) I didn't get any of the littlest valentine, he was asleep, and then afterwards wouldn't cooperate, but thats ok! 






*Compliments to Laura Craig on the idea for the frog picture :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Beauty Queens...

Beauty Queens wear lots of lipgloss... didn't you know?


and even MORE lipgloss...

And they often pose for a camera like this...


BUT, I have one beauty queen...
who'd rather pick their nose...


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a new toy...

Last week I got this...


and inside of it...




wooo hoooo!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Oh my child. She cracks me up.

This week we were talking to her about not running to the door and opening it without knowing who it is. Because she's been known to do that in the past (thankfully it was only my daddy at the door)

And she responds...

I know mommy, daddy told me I should look out the window to make sure if it's a criminal.

*sigh* what a goober.

Monday, February 8, 2010

my heart...

i need no words... this song says it all... Lord lead me on and I will run after you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Potty Training

I got such great advice from a lot of you on how to get Ky to help out with her room before, that I wanted to ask another question.

This one: Potty Training.

I got really spoiled with Kyley. She trained herself at 17 months and we never looked back. *sigh*

But this isn't about her. This is Elijah. a boy. a stubborn boy at that. LOL

Ok so here's the scoop. E doesn't like diapers. He rips them off any chance he gets.  He LOVES to wear big boy undies. However, he doesn't so much love to sit on the potty and use it.

I know that he is capable of knowing what going to the potty is. Just this week one night he pooped and when I asked him if he did he said yes and grabbed a new diaper, and another night he pooped and then took his diaper off and got a new diaper and brought it to me.

Then yesterday at Dr. Trumbull's office when Kyley had to give a urine sample he was in the bathroom with us. As soon as he was done he started pointing to the potty then grabbing his diaper and showing me he wanted to sit on the potty. (we're still working on the word potty)

So I know he's beginning to get the concept. But he will NOT sit on the potty. He just won't do it. No matter what I do.

So, I'm tired of washing dirty undies, or having to basically duct tape diapers on him so he can't get them off. We've tried pullups once and he soaked it within minutes and its not worth it to me to buy them if he's going to wet them and soak through so quickly. (this was a trial one or two that i had) 

So, I have 3 small packs of diapers left. I'd like to make up my mind how to proceed before I have to buy more.

So help me. what have you done to potty train your child/children?
What worked?
What didnt?
Did you teach standing or sitting?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


If I had to describe Kyley in one word today, it would be BRAVE.
She has been such a trooper all week long.
Monday at her magnet school eval, we could tell she was a bit nervous, but she bounced on in there and did her thing like it didn't even phase her.
Today was her 5 year checkup.
She walked in KNOWING what was going to happen, yet she still walked right on in and didn't complain even once.
They called her back to the lab area. She gave a urine sample without complaining. They pricked her finger. No tears, no whining. Just a big girl.
Then we went and had her vision test. She did amazing. Her vision is perfect.
Then we saw Dr. Trumbull. She did great, she answered all his questions and did whatever it was he asked.
And then came the nurse to give her shots.
And Kyley sat up and watched. 
She held my hand but didn't budge. 
She was so brave.
Not a tear. Not a wimper.

Later when we got in the car, she said mommy, the first shot hurt just a little, but the second one was sooo painful, but I didn't cry.
(Yes, she actually used the word painful!)

I'm so proud of her, she's faced so many things this week that a year ago would've made her scream and cry and flail around. She has grown up so much. 

AND while sitting in the office waiting on the dr to come in, we picked up the book Green Eggs & Ham.

She read ALL of the simple words in the book. I can't wait to get the book for her so she can learn them all and begin to read it on her own!

So at 5 yrs 2 mnths (yes we were a bit late on the appt)
Kyley is...

41 lbs 
42 1/2 inches
her BP was 92/64 which is great
she has perfect vision
and she's ready for SCHOOL! 

she is so stoked that Dr. Trumbull told her she was finally a big girl and could go to Kindergarten next year LOL 

And what would a post like this be, without pictures.  Here are a few of the kids playing together in the exam room waiting on the Dr. to come in.






Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thanks for all the ideas... and a few updates.

Warning: I'm about to write an entire post and not have any pictures... I know, such a tragedy.

First up on the agenda, I want to thank all of you wonderful readers who have left me a comment on my last post with ideas on how to get my 5 yr old to clean her room. I am working on a few things to try to encourage her, we'll see how it goes over time. Not jumping to conclusions yet (her room is NOT clean at the moment). 

Next up. Magnet School.
Yesterday was Kyley's evaluation for magnet school. I'm somewhat excited and somewhat sad.
I can't picture my baby girl going to big school for one, and two I do have a part of me that wants to homeschool.
We should know something in about six weeks to whether she gets in or not. If she does, we'll send her, if she doesn't we'll homeschool. We've pretty much said ok God whatever Your will is, we'll do it.

She was excited yesterday about the evaluation and enjoyed it. From what I gather they just asked her a bunch of questions trying to get a grasp on her learning curve etc.

Today when we got ready for school she asked if it was her last day in her little school and she'd be going to big school tomorrow. Um no sweetie, sorry that isn't until August. LOL

Today we go to dance, and she's getting her new dance costume. yay. I can't wait to see it and get pictures of her in it! This year's costume is PRECIOUS.

Tomorrow Kyley has a pediatrician appointment to get all of her shots etc for her 5 yr check up so she can go to school! She's actually excited about it. Poor girl, she has no idea. 

Elijah is growing like a weed. He's talking a lot and showing interest in potty training. Thanks to grandma he's stocked up on big boy undies now.  He's worn them around the house, and prefers them but won't sit on the potty often enough so we're just taking it one day at a time. 
However, he rips his diaper off anytime he doesn't have pants on... so we've either got to get him to leave it on, or get him to sit on the potty. hmmm.

I finished my Bloom book. Same Kind of Different as Me. Expect a post soon about that.

Other than that, nothing much new. Glad to be able to "catch up" a bit on blogging hopefully soon!