Wednesday, February 3, 2010


If I had to describe Kyley in one word today, it would be BRAVE.
She has been such a trooper all week long.
Monday at her magnet school eval, we could tell she was a bit nervous, but she bounced on in there and did her thing like it didn't even phase her.
Today was her 5 year checkup.
She walked in KNOWING what was going to happen, yet she still walked right on in and didn't complain even once.
They called her back to the lab area. She gave a urine sample without complaining. They pricked her finger. No tears, no whining. Just a big girl.
Then we went and had her vision test. She did amazing. Her vision is perfect.
Then we saw Dr. Trumbull. She did great, she answered all his questions and did whatever it was he asked.
And then came the nurse to give her shots.
And Kyley sat up and watched. 
She held my hand but didn't budge. 
She was so brave.
Not a tear. Not a wimper.

Later when we got in the car, she said mommy, the first shot hurt just a little, but the second one was sooo painful, but I didn't cry.
(Yes, she actually used the word painful!)

I'm so proud of her, she's faced so many things this week that a year ago would've made her scream and cry and flail around. She has grown up so much. 

AND while sitting in the office waiting on the dr to come in, we picked up the book Green Eggs & Ham.

She read ALL of the simple words in the book. I can't wait to get the book for her so she can learn them all and begin to read it on her own!

So at 5 yrs 2 mnths (yes we were a bit late on the appt)
Kyley is...

41 lbs 
42 1/2 inches
her BP was 92/64 which is great
she has perfect vision
and she's ready for SCHOOL! 

she is so stoked that Dr. Trumbull told her she was finally a big girl and could go to Kindergarten next year LOL 

And what would a post like this be, without pictures.  Here are a few of the kids playing together in the exam room waiting on the Dr. to come in.







  1. Love It! Just Love It! - wonderful pictures!

  2. Awwwwww what a brave girl indeed!! From the pictures, looks like she's a wonderful big sister as well.

    Way to go, Kyley!

    (LOVE the pics!)

  3. What a big girl!
    Love the last picture.. So sweet...

  4. I love the pics Mel!! Too sweet. Kyley is a Rock star!! :-)