Thursday, February 4, 2010

Potty Training

I got such great advice from a lot of you on how to get Ky to help out with her room before, that I wanted to ask another question.

This one: Potty Training.

I got really spoiled with Kyley. She trained herself at 17 months and we never looked back. *sigh*

But this isn't about her. This is Elijah. a boy. a stubborn boy at that. LOL

Ok so here's the scoop. E doesn't like diapers. He rips them off any chance he gets.  He LOVES to wear big boy undies. However, he doesn't so much love to sit on the potty and use it.

I know that he is capable of knowing what going to the potty is. Just this week one night he pooped and when I asked him if he did he said yes and grabbed a new diaper, and another night he pooped and then took his diaper off and got a new diaper and brought it to me.

Then yesterday at Dr. Trumbull's office when Kyley had to give a urine sample he was in the bathroom with us. As soon as he was done he started pointing to the potty then grabbing his diaper and showing me he wanted to sit on the potty. (we're still working on the word potty)

So I know he's beginning to get the concept. But he will NOT sit on the potty. He just won't do it. No matter what I do.

So, I'm tired of washing dirty undies, or having to basically duct tape diapers on him so he can't get them off. We've tried pullups once and he soaked it within minutes and its not worth it to me to buy them if he's going to wet them and soak through so quickly. (this was a trial one or two that i had) 

So, I have 3 small packs of diapers left. I'd like to make up my mind how to proceed before I have to buy more.

So help me. what have you done to potty train your child/children?
What worked?
What didnt?
Did you teach standing or sitting?

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  1. Oh honey, I could write you a book of advice, LOL. I'll send an email soon. But as far as how to get him to like the potty, I don't know. Jeremy loved the potty, we just had to work on timing and control. I hope you get some good ideas!