Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yard Sale and Yard Hard Work.

I have to give MAD props to my hubby and a few of our great friends today.  All week we've been planning on having a yard sale today. I'd been working in the shed organizing and going through stuff to sale all week long. Cleaning out closets, dressers, anything I could find to get rid of "stuff" and simplify our lives.  I'm so tired of clutter, it drives me INSANE!  It just so happens that at the same time I've been pricing the curriculum I want to order for Kyley this year (yes a little late I know)  So we made that our goal, to fund our curriculum for the year through the yard sale.  When I added up everything I was going to need for curriculum, the most I was going to need was right at 270.00.    Can I tell you that GOD is good ?  Because He is.   Our grand total today:    272.00!   No lie.    And on top of that, I have a whole shed full of stuff we still need to sell that didn't sell today, and we're going to set up again next week to try to get rid of that, and after that, what is left we'll donate because I don't want it back in my shed!
We stayed up all night last night working on last minute things (ok I was, the boys watched movies all night to stay awake).  We started setting up about 530 this morning, and bless him... Tim stayed all night and all day with us.  And we were doubly blessed that our sweet friend Marlon brought us lunch in exchange for something his wife wanted that we were selling :)

And then... the yard work began. Earlier in the week we had gotten a letter from the city about weeds etc. Which is hilarious because we'd JUST cut our grass the week before so it was pretty low, but whatever.  So we set to work to get everything done before the city comes back out on Monday to check... Yay.     Derek, Tim, & Will have been working their booties off to make sure our yard is in tip top shape and I am so blessed to have a husband who will work hard to make things the way they need to be, and that we have friends willing to lend a hand.   I've done what I could throughout the day while nursing a babe but the truth is, when you have a newborn, it's HARD to do anything other than hang w/ the baby.  Oh well.   Anyways, I'm thankful for our hard working crew nonetheless.  

Hope you guys have had an awesome Saturday as well!

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