Thursday, March 4, 2010

What is a decade?

What is a decade?  

10 years.

520 weeks.

3,652 days.

87,648 hours.

5,258,880 minutes.

315,532,800 seconds.

Is there something special about a decade? 
Well, not always. But today. There is.

Today marks ONE DECADE since the day Derek and I met. 

*insert sweet "awww" from the peanut gallery here*

Ten years that I've known my best friend and life partner.
Ten years that I've confided in him and shared with him my life.

Ten years.

Last year, I wrote this post on this particular day.

It's worth reading.

I love you Derky. I'm so grateful to have been blessed with your unconditional love and friendship over the past ten years. 


  1. Hi! Peanut Gallery here....


    Hehe!!! Relationships are TOUGH! But, when you put God first and you go in to it realizing it isn't going to be easy as pie, that you will have to work on it and learn everyday, they just WORK and get stronger daily! Love you guys!!! Congrats on such a milestone!!! 10 years seems like such a long time!! But it is amazing how the love you share can be so fresh and new!!

  2. Yay! Here's to many more decades! :D

  3. Yeah!! Congratulations!! Dang, I had no idea you had been together that long. Awesome!