Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, more like CATCH up.

The past few weeks have been super busy, so I'm going to "catch up" with a brief synopsis.

Kyley got her letter from magnet school- she's not officially in yet, but still in the pool, so we wait some more.

I'm starting my own business. And I'm putting a lot of time into the prep work for that.

Soccer season has started.

Ballet recital is just around the corner.

LOTS of birthday's this month.

I've been working on a fun project for my pastor (see previous posts w/ pics) that took a lot of my time shooting and editing pictures

I'm also working on being ready for two fairly large photo shoots in the next few weeks. yay!

Family reunion is in 3 weeks. 

Reese came to visit! (pics to come)

So did Donny & Chandler and Haley and Reagan. (pics to come)

Life has been CRAZY :) 

Any more you wanna know? 

And for good measure... here's a few pics from the park this weekend.





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  1. That is awesome that you are starting your own business! Can't wait to hear more about it!