Friday, March 12, 2010

sneak peek

Ok so it's not so much of a sneak peek for a few of you.

But... I've been working on something fun and wanted to share a little peek with you guys.

I'm having WAY too much fun with this!

ETA: since I've been asked... the bokeh in the first pic IS straight out of camera... :) Only editing was a little contrast. 




  1. These are gorgeous, the colors are beautiful and really make you draw your eye. Was the bokeh in the first one done SOOC or in post-processing? Love 'em, really eager to see the rest of the set!

    I think "coffee" and I think of coffee beans piled high in burlap bags -- no idea why, really, don't know if they were ever stored that way.

    What about dropping a sugar cube into a coffee cup, and trying to capture the splash? (Good luck, LOL, but it would be fun! Just be sure to have a tripod). What about detailed shots of an industrial coffee bean grinder? A silhouette (backlit) profile shot of someone pondering over a cup of coffee?

    Is the café already set up, or is it still being constructed?