Friday, September 2, 2011

busy week, tired mommy!

No pictures today! Sorry! I just wanted to say hi and update!

We had revival last weekend, so my week last week and into this week consisted of planning lessons, buying props/prizes, organizing help, making sure everything was ready for the weekend, and pulling off 4 services in 3 days. It was a LOT of work leading up to it, but we had a blast and God is so good. The kids had a lot of fun and even a few adults got in on the action a few nights. I probably won't share any pictures on my personal blog from anything we do there, but you can check out the Lakewood Kids BLOG if you are interested and there are also links on the Lakewood Kids FACEBOOK PAGE.

My intentions were to start school on Monday, but with the long weekend we had, I decided to put it off until after Labor Day, so we will start this coming Tuesday so that I have time to make sure my lesson plans are done, etc. Kyley is so excited about starting school, and I must say, so am I!!! I can't wait to see what this year holds for her and Elijah as they learn and grow!

During the week, all 3 kids have come down with a cold, so my last two days have been spent mostly working on things I need to do online to catch up, and snuggling a grumpy baby who has a stuffy nose and can't breathe well and just overall doesn't feel good. He's so pathetic, but I'm happy to say that he seems to be slowly on the mend. The older two have stuffy noses, but haven't really acted much different than normal so I'm hoping we got by easy this time.

Asher is sitting up so well now, we still don't leave him by himself because he does still fling himself backwards at times, but he's doing great! And last night I laid him on his tummy and he got his legs all pulled under him and held his torso up with just his arms and knees. YIKES, he can't be starting this yet!!!  He LOVES his toys and loves to talk to people, he will squeal at you if you pay him any attention. I love all the smiles and giggles we are getting these days!!!

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