Saturday, August 16, 2008

Workin Hard :)

Today is the first Saturday we've had off for a while- soooo we're working hard!  Elijah and I just finished cutting the front yard and now we're taking a much needed break, that wore mommy out! I wore Elijah in his front carrier while I cut and he loved being outside!  Now we're resting so we can do some cleaning in a few minutes!  Daddy is trimming weeds and Kyley was pulling the weeds from our steps and watching mommy and daddy do other things.  Later we've told Kyley she can play in the water hose- FUN ! I'll try to add pictures later!

On other notes- Elijah is now reaching for EVERYTHING and Kyley has the nasty chest cold that the rest of us have had all week! Oh JOY!


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