Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain rain go away... come again some other day!

I feel horrible for not updating all weekend. It has been an extremely long weekend and VERY rainy!

Friday night we had Celebrate Recovery- it was great :) I love our kids so much and they always teach me something new every week!  After that we hung out with Will and Angie at their house... annnddddd Isaac pulled up on the carseat! It was his first time to pull up on something to standing! yay for lil Isaac!!!!!

Saturday morning, we went bowling with our childrens ministry. Fergie and Daisy were there and the kids had a blast . For those that don't know, Fergie and Daisy are characters from our childrens church that occassionally visit the kids. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy when they walked by, but they had fun!!!

Meet Fergie :

And now Meet Daisy! :

And a few of Kyley bowling... :

After bowling, Derek, the kids and I went to the mall- we had lunch and just walked around for a while to kill some time before the KFC meeting that afternoon... and while we were there we ran into Jan, Marlon, and Jalon! I can't believe how big Jalon has gotten!!!! It won't be long and all of our boys are going to be running around playing together and it's going to be so awesome!!!

As we were leaving the mall, on our way to the bookstore, Abi calls me and says she's at the mall with the youth group LOL so we just missed her, but when she was done, she met us at the bookstore to hang out! Or course before she got there, I sat down in the chair to nurse E and fell asleep while Derek read and Kyley played with the Thomas the Train stuff.  \

Keep in mind, through all of this, we are lugging kids in and out of pouring cold rain from Tropical Storm Faye!

Anyhow, on to the childrens church meeting and had dinner at my moms- overall a tiring day!

Sunday was church, lunch at Derek's moms, play auditions for the Christmas play and home for the evening before Derek brought over the new couch so lots of cleaning.

anddddd It's still raining...

Monday was fun- I woke up early and took the kids down to mom's because we don't have cable and I wanted to keep an eye on the weather... that morning a total of 7 tornado warnings were counted here and it continued to rain... it finally slacked off in the evening and thank goodness no real tornados were spotted!

I'm thankful for the rain- as I love rainy weather but I also dislike it when it gets bad and is unpredictable, especially not having cable to be able to keep up with the storms.

Which leads me to today- overall a good day! I enjoyed relaxing with the kids and all and not worrying about the weather and hopefully tomorrow will be just as good!

And in case you were wondering... my package STILL isn't here- but it should be tomorrow, I finally got a tracking number on it and it is on its way! I'm guessing since it shipped from Gainsville, FL it was delayed from the hurricane, which I can live with :)  So yay for getting it tomorrow!!!!

I guess that's enough updates for now... hope everyone is having a great week! God bless!

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