Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I feel like a kid waiting for christmas....

I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my new mei tai- and I'm stoked to get it. But I feel like such a kid at christmas... the mailman came and went today with nothing but a medical bill *sigh* and I'm so dissappointed!  It should be here tomorrow then but I was hoping to get to use it tonight ...

Ok enough of my pity party LOL

Tonight we have plans to go to San Marcos with friends- Greg and Renee are in town and they've never met Elijah and I haven't seen Greg in over a year nor ever met his wife Renee (the rest of the crew went down for the wedding but I was just 2 weeks after having a baby decided not to make that trip)   Anyhow we're extremely excited to hang out w/ them tonight and have a good dinner with friends! yay!

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