Monday, August 18, 2008

Whiney and Clingy

Both of my kids are under the weather- Elijah still has a cough, and isn't sleeping great, doubled with what I think is teething and Kyley just today presented a horrible cough , hoarse voice, sore throat and is just all around crabby. Needless to say, I've gotten almost nothing done today- whats new right?

How often are we like this with God though?  How often do we whine and complain to Him about the horrible things life has dealt us?   God is so faithful in remembering His love for us though even in those moments.  But also, how often do we just express our "need" for Him... just Him nothing but Him... not what He can do for us, but His presence?   Kyley this afternoon has only wanted to lay in my lap... How often do we just climb up in His lap and say Lord, I need you to hold me and that's all.

Thank you Lord for allowing us to "need" You and for being there for us no matter what our attitudes are like! We are helpless babes in a world full of sickness and sin and You are the one true Healer!

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