Monday, January 12, 2009

An update on my life and a few not me's.....

Boy has life been crazy... sooooo as an update... I'm going to participate in Not Me Monday!!!

Not me was started by the crazy awesome mama over at , Mckmama writes about all the things she "didn't" do and it's a blast... join in on the fun!!!

sooooo this week...

I most certainly did not throw up everything I ate before Wed. nah....

Nor did I end up curled up on the bathroom floor in excruitating pain at my mom's on Wed. night

and because I didn't do the above, I most certainly did NOT end up in the ER waiting room, and I also did NOT wait for 3 hours in a wheelchair, NOR did I pass out in said wheelchair, because none of that actually happened right?

After countless hours of waiting I did NOT finally get a shot of morphine and instantly feel better

and because of all of these things I did NOT find out I had a nice sized gallstone blocking my bile duct

and because I do not have any gallstones I have not spent the past 5 days in the hospital, nor was I begging for food the first 3 days because they wouldn't let me have any.

I also did not have pancreatitis and elevated bilirubin levels due to those gallstones I DON'T have...

and I'm also NOT having surgery tomorrow to remove my gallbladder...

I did NOT let my son crawl around on a freshly mopped hospital room floor because there are a bazillion germs in a hospital...

I also did NOT sneak a chicken finger off my daughter's lunch plate a few days ago when I was NOT supposed to be on a clear liquid diet but since I wasn't on a clear liquid diet I was most definately NOT starving and craving food like crazy.

I also did NOT let my daughter go to work with my husband today, and I did NOT keep the baby at the hospital with me all by myself... NOT ME. (he was Good by the way!)

I also did NOT allow my husband to wear my bright pink pj pants last night because he most certainly did NOT forget to bring some for himself

hmmm I think that may NOT be all the NOT ME's for the week... but who knows :) Hope you enjoy!!!

Please pray for me tomorrow!!!


  1. great not me monday, how could you pinch one of your daughters chicken fingers lol, I would have pinched them all

  2. Love your not me's, but so sorry you had to not live them. Praying for you!