Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not me Monday....

so this is my first time participating in Not Me! Monday... but I'm excited nonetheless... If you want to know the origins of this post follow this link to Mckmama's blog and enjoy reading- she'll keep you on your toes wondering what she'll post about next!

soooooo without further ado....

This week I most certainly did NOT let my 4 yr old stay up til way past midnight every night just because I was up and knew she'd sleep in the next morning if I let her stay up... nope NOT ME!

I also did NOT make dinner at 9 oclock tonight because I just didn't get around to it til then... again... NOT ME!

I did NOT spend the entire evening on New years day in the bathroom while I had a bunch of friends over because I wasn't feeling well :(

I also did NOT step on a glass and slice my toe open because I was putting Elijah down in MY bed and there was NOT a glass on the floor by the bed post... nah not at all

Also, since I did NOT cut my toe open with a broken glass, I did NOT forego going to the ER to get stitches because the gash was on the bottom of my foot and I did NOT decide that if it scarred it wouldn't matter. I also did NOT make this decision because it was midnight and I was too lazy to get dressed amidst the blood. Not ME!

As if that wasn't enough, I did NOT go to the mall and walk around for at least 2 hours on my toe that is NOT sliced open. yeah... not me!


  1. From one Melanie to another, nice post! I actually did something very similar, avoiding the ER because it was late and the kids were in bed etc, etc. I mean, if we actually DID that sort of thing ;)

  2. Ouch, I bet the walking made that toe sore.

  3. Hubby did in fact drive all the way home, but I'd forgotten how rough it is riding in his truck, not very restful at all. Teeheehee. His favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons, then Indianapolis Colts. So he had a very rough night Saturday.