Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not Me Monday!!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This post is purely for entertainment and theraputic reasons only :)
Feel free to write your own blog or comment with things you did NOT do this week!

I so did not forget that Tuesday was ballet class and imagined myself sitting home all day getting house work done, not having to go anywhere... only to NOT realize later in the afternoon, darn it I DO have to go somewhere, we have ballet!

I also so far this week have NOT allowed my family to eat out everynight this week just because I didn't feel like cooking.

NOR did I come home wed night and deny that I had the stomach bug because "my blood sugar was just all wonky" until I threw up everything I ate that day *sigh*

I so did not have the following quotes from CRY friday night as my facebook status at some point...

"Savannah, take my bladder and go pee!" and "FOAM!!!!! FOAM!!!!!!!"

I also have NOT had the most awesome conversations this week, which also did not spur some of the FUNNIEST inside jokes of all time... Thanks to all of my awesome friends who did NOT make this possible!

Speaking of said conversations that did NOT happen, one of them did not include me mistaking the word delirious for delicious... man was that not embarrassing LOL

I did NOT have to say goodbye to some incredible friends because they're moving a whole state south from here :( *sigh*

I did NOT whine to my husband because of said friends leaving for an hour while laying in bed one night this week LOL how pathetic would that be?

I did NOT go to a babyshower for one of my bestest friends this weekend and hear another bestest friend exclaim "It's a butt ruffle" when someone asked what bloomers were called! yeah that was not hilarious!

so what did YOU not do this week? I love this day! Mondays are awesome !


  1. I so was NOT the friend that called the bloomers a "butt ruffle".
    I did NOT have tons-o-fun trying to lead multiple lives this past weekend.
    I am NOT trying to convince a certain friend that I'm terribly boring...that would be self sabotage.
    And I was not called JD by a certain other friend when I did not mention my above plot to them.
    I am Not avoiding exercise tonight. Nope, that just wouldn't be healthy.

  2. Love your Not Mes this week! So funny and sweet. I love that you used "wonky" in here. And I am still cracked up at the conversations we had this week!