Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just some sentences?

I've had many titles for this post flowing through my head tonight, but I felt it was better to just leave it at that, and write.  Forgive me for this will be mostly rambling stream of consciousness.

My heart hurts.

And you know what, I'm angry. 

I'm angry at Satan for thinking that he has control over this world. I'm angry at people because they let him. Shoot, I'll be the first to admit, I'm one of them. Sin is fun, right?  But that doesn't make it right.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Where do we draw the line on what we will allow Satan to control in our lives?

When do we say enough is enough and stand up and fight for what God has called sacred.

I'm watching marriages crumble. And it hurts.

People close to me are hurting because of footholds satan has wormed his way in and destroyed what was once called GOOD.

I see it everyday. Not just in those close to me, but all over the world.

Divorce is rampart. Just down the street from my house, you can drive down the interstate, and the billboards are like an auction on who can sell you a divorce the cheapest.

But why?

When did we decide that our spouses aren't worth fighting for?

God and Derek know best, that I'm not a perfect wife. I fail. And often I fail miserably.   Do I often wonder if all of my stupid mistakes will make him love me any less?  Sure. I'm human.  But I know better.  You know why?  Because we talk about it. We talk about what our friends are going through, and we talk about how to avoid it. We pray for each other. We vow to fight for each other.

Marriage is hard, y'all. Life is hard. We are far from having it all together.

A few months ago, Derek and I had a conversation that revolved around this issue. We expressed our fears regarding watching so many marriages around us crumble. "This is happening to people we would've never expected... what says that it won't happen to us one day?"  These are VALID concerns. It is scary to think that people we know who we SAW completely in love with one another, living in one accord, can suddenly be on the brink of disaster.  It can happen to anyone. But why?   WHY are we letting satan gain control over our families?

Why aren't we talking about this stuff with our spouse?  Why aren't we fervently praying together for the protection of our marriage?  For the SANCTITY of our marriage? I don't know about you, but I'm going to pray harder than ever for protection because satan wants to kill, steal, and destroy, and that means my marriage, my family, my friendships.

I'm going to continue to talk about the hard stuff with my husband.  And sometimes that's hard.  I'm going to admit my mistakes. I'm going to ask for forgiveness. Most of all I'm going to trust God. I'm going to pray and pray HARD. And I'm going to FIGHT.

And it doesn't end there. Talk to friends. Talk to your kids. Pray for their marriages. Pray for their families.

Satan wants us to think that we are alone in this fight, but we're NOT.   I often wonder how many of the situations I've seen unfold in the lives around me could've been avoided by some accountability.   I'll be the first to tell you, that part is HARD.  Who wants to run to someone else and talk about how they've failed?  I sure don't. But I make myself. My husband guides me to as well when I'm being stubborn and need some reminder.  And I try to be the same for him.

We need each other. We need our friends, we need our families to bind together and pray. We need accountability, and we need support.

We aren't fighting this battle alone.

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  1. Well said my darling daughter. I love you and you are a true inspiration to me.