Monday, December 26, 2011

9 months old


With all of the craziness that surrounds the holidays I forgot to post this, so even though I am over a week late I want to remember!


You are growing up right before my eyes, my sweet Asher!

You are a fast crawler now and you know just how to find mommy when you can't see her.

You love to play with your toys and with Kyley and Elijah.

The one thing I think you enjoy most is playing in the box of blocks or with the basket of weebles, though that may change now that Christmas has come and gone.

You still love to eat. I can't eat even a bite without you trying to steal it. You are still eating baby food but will pretty much eat anything we eat as well, even with no teeth yet!

You love your paci, and are picky still and it has to be a certain shape and size.

You are pulling up on everything and you love to stand. You got a push walker toy for Christmas (thanks Nana & Paw!) and you've even tried to walk with it and push it across the floor.  I have a feeling in a few weeks my hands are going to be REAL full!

You can wave bye bye, and clap, and say mama and dada, you are learning to say 'uh oh'. You also say bye bye on occassion. 

You are such a little joy and I cannot believe how fast you are growing up. In just a few short months you'll be celebrating your first birthday, and that seems impossible to me!  

I love you my sweet man!

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