Monday, July 25, 2011

Crowd Tap?

Do any of you guys participate in this site?

I stumbled upon it through some facebook friends and I think it's a pretty neat idea.

Basically, you join the site, you get to participate in actions and discussions and earn points which upgrade your level, and "cash" which you can trade in for amazon gift cards.   Often these actions will allow you to try a specific product for review and questionaires by that company.

The best part about it is, that any cash you redeem, they automatically take 5 % of it and give it to a charity of your choice, and then match that amount as well!  Pretty cool if you ask me, since all I have to do is click a few buttons here and there and answer some questions here and there.

I chose to donate to To Write Love on Her Arms  which I have written about before HERE and HERE
What a super charity to be able to donate to, just by answering questions. I love it!

Soooo... if you're interested, join me.  At least join and try it out, you can't beat free products to try and anything you earn goes to charity and it doesn't take hardly any time at all (unlike some survey sites etc)


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