Saturday, June 25, 2011

in which I speak about coyotes... (kinda)

Kyley is such a funny kid. I just love her.

Last week she came to me and said "Mommy, I can spell coyote!"  and then showed me her paper. I wish I'd taken a picture of it to post here, but me being the bad mommy I am sometimes didn't think to do so.

Her paper read     " KYOT"   - It makes totally sense. She knows Ky is her name, well the first part at least, and what her nickname is, and so it must be followed by an O and a T to make the ote sound in the word right?

She's getting smart, and figuring things out, unfortunately that word doesn't follow normal rules and cannot be sounded out phonetically, but we are proud nonetheless.

Another Kyley funny I don't want to forget.  The other night we were driving in the van, and Kyley, Krissy, and Elijah were all in the backseat and Derek was next to Asher. Derek looks back at them and starts talking to Kyley about conviction (though not with that word). He said "Kyley when you do something wrong, do you know it's wrong?  Do you hear something in your head that tells you it's a bad idea?"   Kyley responds : "No, I just hear you in my head daddy"  So he then poses the same question to Krissy.  Krissy says " No, I just hear you too" (great minds think alike? and hear voices in their head alike?)

Gosh I don't think the funny things my kids come up with will ever get old. They are so much fun!!!

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  1. Hey there! I'm stopping by from Jenna's Journey and the blog challenge. 1st of all, Kyley is beautiful! Those pictures of her in your 300th post (congraulations) are fabulous.

    2nd, my mom is a retired 1st grade teacher with about 27 or 28 years in the biz. She would say Kyley's spelling of Coyote is perfect. Not only because boy is that a hard word, but also because she phonetically did it all on her own and it kinda really makes sense. Praise her and keep her reading!

    Come see me at my blog sometime and ROLL TIDE!