Thursday, June 23, 2011

Asher is 3 months old! (and a few days)

I cannot believe how quickly time is flying!
It seems like just yesterday he was not even here yet (and we still thought he was a girl!)
Just a few things because I don't want to forget this time.
At 3 months, he can roll over anytime he is laid on his tummy.
He smiles and is just now learning to giggle at us, and I absolutely adore it!
He wants to sit up and see all the time, he loves to know what's going on.
He likes to hold his teething toys and chew on them and he loves to chew his fist also
He is wearing more and more 3 month clothes and we're beginning to have to put away some of his newborn/0-3 now.
He sleeps great at night still, but during the day forget about it!
He loves Kyley, he will smile anytime she talks to him almost.
Elijah still can't leave the boy alone, he wants to pull on his arm or kiss him or pinch his cheek etc ALL. THE. TIME.

I absolutely cannot believe how big and strong he is getting.


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