Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My heart

Lord, may Your name be glorified in all the earth. May Your presence fill me tonight as I am humbled by your greatness. Lord, I'm in awe of who You are.

Father, my heart is aching tonight for baby Stellan... You see his pain and his suffering Lord. You see his sweet little soul, laying in the hospital struggling to get well.

How great a work You alone have already done in his life Lord, that his life is already a living testimony to Your love and Your greatness Lord.

Tonight as I reflect on the many lives touched already by this sweet baby boy, I'm humbled. Humbled because You have blessed me with so much. My children are healthy, our family is together and You reign over our home.

Daddy, my heart aches for his beautiful family. His father who is at home with his siblings who longs to have his family whole again. His siblings who are at home wondering what is going on. His mother who is by his side aching to see her baby be healthy again.

Lord I pray tonight that you will touch them, in a special way right now... Consume them with your loving arms tonight Lord. Envelop them with Your grace and Your peace tonight as they rest.

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