Thursday, May 17, 2012

14 months

I won't be doing these EVERY month anymore since he's over a year old, but I want to make sure to do one every 2 to 3 months to keep up with how much he's growing!
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Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Asher is quite the chatter box now. He tries to carry on full conversations, though you have no idea what he's saying.

Some of his favorite words...

uh oh
num num
roof roof
bunn bunn (for a car)
deeee (drink)

Oh and did I mention GO?  haha that one's hilarious!

There are more words I Think he's trying to say but we just aren't sure yet.

He RUNS everywhere. The kid never stops. He's also climbing on everything.
Last night during children's church wed. night class, I looked up and he'd used a chair to climb onto the table top to get crayons.  Silly boy!

 He loves his daddy. He looks forward to daddy coming home every afternoon.

The boy also loves to be outside, any chance he can get to find an open door, he's GONE.

He also loves to video chat and talk on the phone. Most of the time these conversations are with daddy or with paw paw.  He thinks he's grown and can 'chat'.

He also loves to eat. He loves bananas still, and while he still gets a random jar of baby food bananas since I still have a few on hand, the kid goes nuts for a real banana.  I have to avoid the produce section of the store when he's with me at all costs!

He loves to sing and dance, and squeal. The squealing needs to end LOL!

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