Friday, January 27, 2012

MIlestones I don't want to forget!

So, this post won't be eloquently composed, and there will be no pictures, but I know if I don't write this down, I won't remember it in a few weeks and I want to.

Wednesday ( Jan 25)  Asher got his first tooth! We've been watching his gums for a few weeks now and wondering when it would finally pop through. They were so swollen for the last week or so I knew it had to be soon, and boy am I glad it finally did. That kid was GRUMPY the few days leading up to it! I hope this is no indication to how the rest of teething will be for us!

Also, since Wed. the little booger has been standing holding on to something and tried to take a step toward me.  He's no where near ready to walk, but these are the beginning stages! He will be running around before I know it!

And his newest trick this week is, nodding his head yes.  He's so stinkin cute when he does it because his whole body moves with him haha. I love it!

As for the other kids, this week Kyley had a milestone of her own,  she finally decided to stop writing I love you on every drawing she makes, and yesterday drew a cat and labeled it with it's name "cat" .  For those of you who've followed my journey with trying to get her to read and spell, this is HUGE.  She has sat down many days this week even during 'non' school hours and written words she can remember on her dry erase board, and practiced reading them to me.  What a refreshing excitement in her, I love it!

AND Elijah, has learned not only to spell his name, but can write it!  I will post a few pictures later on this weekend hopefully. He is so cute, when I ask him "Ok Elijah, what letter does your name start with?" He always tells me "Straight line down and three lines over"   Hilarious.   Then I'll ask him, well what letter is that?   And he screams E!!!!!   lol  He can also spell his name we did it something like this as we were teaching Kyley to spell it, and so I taught Elijah the same way "eli    jah"  so he learned it in sets of 3, and that made it so easy for him.  He can't recognize all of those letters yet, but he knows what makes them up. He'll talk about the hook in the J, and the dots on top of the i and the j. and the circle in the a (not like in this font apparently!), and then the straight lines and humps, etc.  He can't draw them from memory yet, but he's doing great!

Elijah has also been counting really well, and practicing singing his ABC's correctly. I'm so excited that he's finally interested in doing a little school with us!

Anyhow, sorry for the bland post, but I didn't want to miss out on documenting our week!

Be blessed!

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