Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Facebook Status Updates

Kyley yesterday, " I'm sorry mommy, I miss under heard you" LOL
I just said to Elijah "what a big boy you are!" and he looked at me and said "I'm not a big boy, I'm a man." OH MY.
LOL Kyley went to the bathroom and picked up a book from her room. It was Tikki Tikki Tembo. Anyways, I asked her if she could pick out any words in it that she could read, and she looked at me dead serious and said, NO THEY'RE ALL IN CHINESE! um no dear, that'd be English :)
Random quote from prayer time with the kids last night: "My sisser not weird, she a girl!" - Spoken so eloquently by the great Elijah :)
Elijah keeps coming to me today and saying... Mommy I weally sowwy, I no be grounded no more! :) I love that kid, but sorry kiddo, still grounded :)
Kyley while describing Elijah. "He's thinking. With his eyes he's saying blink. blink. blink. blink."
so earlier, we were stitting at the table having dinner with Savannah Barber & Peden Kraft Barber. Before that Elijah couldn't find peden in the video game. He gets up from dinner and next thing we hear is gunshots (yeah I know...) and peden's face drops... yeah, he found him. He's 3.
Kyley to me: Mommy I can't be a little kid anymore, because I'm growing up! Then she says, and you're a big teenager, wait, pretty much you're just a human being! LOL why yes Kyley I am a human being! : )
I just said to Derek, this room needs a little TLC. Kyley responds with..."I know what that spells...painting!!"
Elijah: "Mommy, I want a cookie!" Me: "Elijah I just gave you a cookie" Elijah: "You give me more please, it's not in my mouth it's in my belly!"
lol Elijah just brought his baby doll to me and said.."mommy I need to take my shirt of so him can have some num nums " lol silly boy
Only my son would want to go out wearing elmo christmas pj's a tie, and his elmo backpack... LOL silly boy :) off to get wic!
Elijah is carrying his baby doll around on his shoulder patting its back saying 'sh my baby bleeping' (sleeping)
Kyley: One day I want to go to Tennesse, it seems awesome there, like with cowgirls and stuff
Elijah to me: mommy, my daddy handsome. I handsome. we both handsome. Derek John Jordan, then he runs in the other room and says Kyley! Guess what?!?! I'm HANDSOME! :) love that kid.
so in response to something we heard from Chuck Glasscock, Derek asked Kyley if when she sinned she heard something in her head tell her it wasn't right. Kyley's response was "I only hear you in my head daddy" LOL And then he turns to Krissy (Cheryl Ritter Menees) and asks the same. Krissy says "I hear you in my head too" LOL these kids crack me up.
LOL Kyley just told me Elijah was doing something he shouldn't be... so I said I guess I'm going to have to go spank his tail. Kyley turned to me and matter of factly said "He doesn't have a tail" haha she cracks me up
Elijah just went potty and as he got down I asked him to wash his hands. His reply to me was "my hands all cwean mommy, they pewfect, now i watch tv" and ran to the living room. lol
Kyley and Elijah are in the tub, Kyley said "LiLi now it's time to SWIM!" and I replied, no let's not make a mess (they like to splash water) and she replied "But we're just going to lay down, because that's how me and LiLi roll!"
listenin to Kyley and Asher laying in the window watching the rain and he's cooing and smiling at her and she's talking in baby talk back to him ♥ melt my heart ♥
I asked Elijah if he was my baby. His response was... NO Asher's me baby!
Left Asher asleep while I went outside to fix the AC that the workers broke AGAIN. Came back and Elijah was trying to shove oatmeal creme pie in Asher's mouth. yay.

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