Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bedtime Routines

So this week we have implemented a new bed time routine.

We are the kind of family, that specific schedules typically don't work for us, because we're busy, on the go, and we're never doing the same thing at the same time from day to day.

So my kids have never had a "set" bedtime.
Nor have they had a bedtime "routine"

This has worked for us for the last 6 years, however now that my 6 year old has her own opinion about bedtime, and my 3 year old who is WAY more feisty than she ever was about going to bed, we NEEDED some structure.

So yesterday Derek and I talked through our plan for the evening and had a great idea of what we wanted bedtime to look like. 

We sat the kids down, and told them how it would happen.

8:15-8:30   Final clean up of rooms (we've now added getting dressed for bed to this time period as well)

8:30-8:45   Fun time with mommy and daddy, this could be reading a story, or playing a quick board game, etc.

8:45-9:00 Bible story, prayer requests, prayer.

9:00 sharp, kids in bed, lights out.

Fast forward to about 7:45...   Elijah falls asleep on the couch. *THIS CAN'T BODE WELL FOR OUR FIRST NIGHT OF OUR BEDTIME ROUTINE*

Then, the alarm Derek set to go off at 8:15 to alert us that it was time to start the routine (we'll eventually grow out of needing this, but right now it's necessity)  failed to go off.  So far bedtime:0  everything else: 2

So about 8:20 we realize the alarm didn't go off, and we get Kyley started on the routine. 15 min cleaning went well, followed by 15 min of playing 2 rounds of dominoes. 15 minutes of prayer/bible story and last minute convos about our day.  This went pretty smoothly for her, with a few hiccups because well, she likes to stall and she thought that this was the perfect opportunity to test the waters on what she could get away with.  Once she realized we meant business, she got in her bed and was pretty quiet.

Derek moved Elijah from the couch, still sleeping to his bed. This was great until about oh... 9:40ish.  Guess who woke up.  

In the mean time, Kyley had been good in the bed, but not asleep, so as soon as Elijah woke up she thought that meant free reign of whatever she wanted.   WRONG.  

We finally got her to sleep, but it took much much longer to get Elijah back to sleep because he thought he'd had a nap and was ready to go for a bit.

Overall, considering what went on, not a bad experience, and we were pleased.

SO, tonight, 8:15 the alarm goes off.

The kids cleaned their room, and then we played UNO for 15 minutes (3 games worth if you were wondering, and Elijah won 2!) We prayed together and talked about a Zacchaeus and about our favorite parts of the day. (I love this part!)   And we sent the kids to bed.   They did pretty well tonight, they didn't go to sleep right away but for the most part we didn't have to say anything to them. After Kyley fell asleep Elijah wanted to come out and play a little but we nipped that quickly and he is fast asleep.    Not bad for a 2nd day of a routine. I pray they get better and better at this!

And a bonus for the day.   Asher fell asleep during the game/prayer/bible time and has been asleep since their bedtime as well. SCORE:    Mommy: 3   Bedtime:0     I like that one.


  1. Glad you guys are getting a routine started. It's going to be good for everybody in the end. Praying that everyone makes a smooth transition.

  2. Everyone has to say thier favorite part of the day around the dinner table every night. I just love it, glad you are enjoying it too :)

  3. people kid with us sometime about having a stricter bed time schedule for our kids but it works for us and I think it benefits my own kids greatly. Stick with it, even on the hard nights! way to go.

  4. Yay! Routine is good. Keep at it, Mel. You are such an awesome Mommy. xx