Monday, September 28, 2009


Ok here's my disclaimer- just ignore this totally.

Today I'm frustrated-

I'm frustrated with the way I get spoken to (by many different people)

I'm frustrated with the way I get treated (again by many different people)

I'm frustrated with my weight- and my lack of motivation

I'm frustrated with my self esteem

I'm frustrated with my house

I'm frustrated with doing laundry

I'm frustrated with doing dishes

I'm frustrated with the fact that sometimes I feel like I"m the only one trying

I'm frustrated with wanting to motivate others

I'm frustrated with the stupid comments people make with no regard to my children being there

I'm frustrated in general.


  1. Hugs, friend. Tomorrow will be a better day. Hope my text at least made you smile :) Love you!

  2. not gonna throw any flowery words at ya...just wanted you to know i was here.

  3. thanks girls- I can always count on you all to make my day :)

  4. Hope today was better! I have those days too. Love you!

  5. I get that way sometimes. That's pretty much where the song 'Hold Me' came from. The lyrics may need a little explaining but basically the song is about the frustrations of life and a plea to God for a shelter from them. I play or listen to it when I get down.