Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rain and Mondays... (yes I know it's thursday)

Yesterday in the car, Kyley and I got into a discussion about the rain.

Well, Kinda.

She was getting buckled into her carseat so we could go pick up Matt from school and looks at me and says...

"Mommy, I hate the rain."

and I replied.

"honey, why do you hate the rain?"

to which she answered,

"well, hate is a bad word isn't it mommy, I can't say "hate""

the rest of the conversation followed like this:

Mommy: " well, yes Kyley hate IS a bad word, God loves everyone, and He wants us to love, so we shouldn't hate anyone." (I'd already forgotten "what" it wa she hated so I was just speaking in general at this point)

Kyley: "yeah, mommy hate is not nice."

Mommy: " and you know Kyley (remembering the original comment at this point) God made the rain too, so we shouldn't hate the rain either, God gave it to us for a reason."

Kyley: "well I don't like the rain."

Mommy: "well it's ok to not like the rain,Ky, but we still shouldn't hate it. Did you know that without rain, we wouldn't have water? There would be no water to drink anywhere!" (over exaggerating for my 4 yr old to understand how big it was that God made it.)

Kyley: " Mommy, I like the rain, I like to drink the rain from the sky though, not from the house."

Mommy: (laughing) "Okay, Kyley whatever you say!"

Kyley: "Mommy, did you know that ice and snow are made from water too?"

Mommy: (acting surprised to learn this) "Why, no Kyley, I didn't, where did you learn that?"

Kyley: " I was watching Jay Jay the jet plane, Mommy and they talked about it. All the ice and snow comes from water!"

Mommy: "You are so smart Kyley! I'm so proud of you for paying attention and learning things all the time."

And just like that, our conversation was over.

Fast foward a few hours, on our way home from church, Derek and I were discussing a time in our lives before Kyley was born when he worked for Movie Gallery. And I expressed that I "hated" Monday nights because I never knew what time he'd get home because he always had to reset the wall for the new releases that came out on Tuesday.

(Can you see where this is going?)

So we're just chatting, Kyley was being ever so quiet in the backseat and all the sudden blurts out....

"Mommy, God made Mondays, so you shouldn't hate them!"

Derek, obviously confused asked "What?"

and I then had to explain to him our previous conversation so he'd understand.

so... at least in her eyes, God made the rain, and God made Mondays :)


  1. Love it! We had a similar conversation about rain today. We didn't like it because we couldn't go outside, to the beach, to the park....and we had to talk about God giving us rain for flowers, for farmer's crops, and to fill the beach, so we'd have water to swim in. I love that she caught you saying "hate"!

  2. that is adorable. T-Pup has been saying some things quazi-similar lately and I keep reminding myself to write them in my journal before I forget.

  3. I so need the lips and wisdom of a child around me. I too need to remember that God made the rain and Mondays. So precious.