Thursday, April 21, 2011

Admitting it is hard for me.

I've almost deleted that last post countless amounts of time. Why? Because I hate being vulnerable. I hate others knowing my weaknesses. I hate sharing that side of my life. But it's real. It's me.  I don't know why I have a desire to hide those parts of my life. I guess I've been burned before when laying my heart out there so I don't want to chance it again? Or is it because showing that side of me means I'm weak?

And just so I don't forget this one day... Today, the workers who have been painting the outside of the house, broke the AC again. When I went outside to fix it, I left asher asleep in my room, and the other two having a snack in the living room. When I returned a few moments later. I found Elijah trying to shove an entire oatmeal creme pie into Asher's mouth.  Such love, he has for his brother, that he wanted to share his snack. LOL

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