Friday, September 10, 2010

3 weeks in.

 (this post contains no pictures *gasp*)

Homeschooling that is.

We are officially done with our 3rd week!

The first week was rough. On both of us.

I think we just needed that week to get used to the idea of working together to make this work.

The first day was the worst. I literally cried and asked God why on earth we came to this decision.

Thankfully, it HAS gotten better.

As the first week went on, we got more and more in tune with how we wanted things to work.

The second week was awesome. We didn't have any meltdowns, nor did we have any days she ended up in her room for lack of patience on my part for her attitude. (I'd call that a VERY good week!)

This week has been more of the same. We've been trucking through and learning a lot about each other and how this dynamic is going to continue to thrive.

I've finally found an efficient place for her to work without Elijah distracting her. She gets distracted sooooooo easily.  We've set up our own little corner in my bedroom away from him and his toys where we retreat to when we are working. He definately still comes in and out but it's not the constant distraction of being in the same room constantly. (and of course I still go and make sure he's fine throughout this time, I don't let him just fend for himself)

Anyways, so as far as everything else, we are working towards putting some field trips together with some friends who are homeschooling as well. I cannot wait to delve in deeper and continue to watch Kyley learn and grow! 

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