Thursday, January 14, 2010

What a week!

It has been one crazy week.


And as of yet, it's not over!


So far we've had frozen pipes outside in the laundry room, a car that needed servicing, and a pipe outside that eventually busted and is having to be replaced.  No running water for 2 days from said pipe while we waited on the plumber to be able to get here (thanks to renting we cant just call whoever we want *sigh*)

Turns out the pipes out back in our laundry busted. in at least 3 places. OH JOY. LOL thank goodness we're renting and it was easy fixes. 


It just so happens that while the water was NOT working, Kyley so kindly got sick. that was fun to clean up, let me tell ya.

Praise the Lord for little blessings though that helped me make it day to day without losing my mind.

Like these sweet babies who know how to make mommy smile. Or random little things like meeting grammpa and gramma for dinner while we had no water. Or hanging out in the nursery with Angie and Harlie last night watching all the sweet babies.

No matter how crummy a week it's been. God is still good. And He is still on the throne. I will forever praise Him.

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