Thursday, December 31, 2009

a new Kyley story

Earlier in the day I had been talking about watching the ball drop tonight.

So on our way home tonight, Kyley was so kindly reminding us that we told her she could stay up as late as she wants tonight, and that we were going to watch the ball game we talked about.

We were like HUH?


So we were trying to explain to her what the ball drop was.

So we talked about where New York City was.

Then we talked about Time Square.
Then I explained the ball and the countdown to the new year.

Kyley was listening well, but not saying anything.

So when I'm done, she so seriously says.

"Oh, so what's the fun part?"


  1. hahahhahhaha i love it. it makes me want to just hug her!

  2. lol! i'm totally with her on that one!