Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 things I love... 10 bloggers I love.

My sweet friend Courtney blessed me with this cute blog award.

The rules say that I should name 10 things I love, and then link the award to 10 bloggers I love.
This should be fun.

1. Jesus-  this one should be self explanatory.

2. My husband: He is the most important person in my life and I couldn't imagine life without him. He makes me who I am in so many ways.

3. My sweet babies.  I'll spare you any pics here because well, I have plenty on other posts to come soon.

4. The many awesome people in my life. Whether it be family, friends, bloggy friends, bloom friends, whatever. I am surrounded by amazing people who not only lift me up but hold me accountable to the Word.

5. My ministry. God amazes me EVERY SINGLE DAY at the things he teaches me through it.

6. Worship Music. To me there is nothing more calming and peaceful and right in the world than singing my heart out to my God, who is my Rock and my Salvation.

7. Right now I'm loving these antibiotics haha I HATE being sick and this pneumonia has kicked my tail.

8.  Zaxby's. A bad addiction that I can actually say hasn't been so much lately but I absolutely LOVE their boneless wings and their fries and oh the ice in the drinks... gosh...

9.  Cucumbers w/ Ranch  (ok so now I sound like a pig w/ all this food on here) Seriously, after working out, I just want to come home and have some cucumbers w/ ranch.

10. Photography.  I love the art of photography. I love the depth you can achieve with just one photograph and capture so many different stories all at once. Breath taking.. (still saving for that new camera...)

So.... on to my ten bloggy friends :)

In no particular order

Samantha (maybe this will break her back into the bloggy world?)

there are a few more I'd love to share with you who are amazing women of God, but unfortunately their blogs are private, however I love them still the same!


  1. Aww thanks :) Guess I should post a new blog soon?

  2. Aw how cool! Thanks! I need to jump back on the blog train soon! Hope you're feeling better!! I hate we didn't get to see you!

  3. lol! i just NOW saw that i got an award- thank you!! hehehe! i have a green bean recipe i will be posting later :)

  4. Awe Thank you Friend..!! I don't know why mine is one of your favorite's--But, Thanks!! whoot.
    :-) ...