Monday, October 26, 2009

Haircuts and Handsomness

This week, Kyley took it upon herself to give herself another hair cut...

Mommy was LESS than thrilled- and she has been in a lot of trouble over this ordeal. Any ideas to get her to stop are appreciated. (with the exception of just not keeping them in the house because we NEED at least one pair of sissors on a very often basis)


But look at this handsomness



Unfortunately he now has more hair than she does *sigh*

And this is random but Derek took this picture yesterday driving down the road :)


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  1. Can you hide or lock the scissors somewhere? I keep them in my upstairs closet, in a box on the top shelf. So far no one has climbed up there to get them. No, it doesn't make it real handy when I need scissors, but it also doesn't make it handy for the kids to get them!