Saturday, September 6, 2008


For the first time in the last at least six years I think I'm going to be lost tomorrow...  While we don't get a lot of time to chat or even hang out together at church, I'm going to miss my bestest best friend tomorrow. For the first time in six years, I know that when I walk in the doors in the morning, there's no chance of Abigail being there to give me a hug and say good morning. *sigh*

I remember the first night she came to church- She walked into the gym (back when youth was held in the gym) and I remember jumping over the chairs and yelling "ABI!!!!" and tackled her to give her a hug... LOL

God has blessed our lives as individuals and together so many times its unbelievable and I'm so proud of her for seeking God's will for her life and doing what she feels is right, even if I'm unprepared for the thought that she wont be "right there" with me at church.

So with that said... Abigail- may God bless you through this transition and may He use you in a mighty way wherever He leads you! :)

I love you chica!

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