Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The kids :)

I'm continually amazed at how much they love each other- Today has been so much fun with them, but I haven't done anything but sat back and observed! Elijah is getting old enough to respond and interact with Kyley and she loves it.  She sat in his crib with him and talked and giggled with him for over an hour today and it was beautiful. I wish I'd thought to get a picture but I was charging batteries and uploading from my card so that I had a fresh slate for VBS tonight. Everytime he sees her now, he lights up and grins from ear to ear and she just can't wait to get another smile out of him. I'm constantly hearing "mommmmmmmmyyyy, elijah gave me his smile!"  He adores her, and she adores him and I couldn't be more content watching them play together and have a great time :) Now he's sleeping, Kyley is doing her care bear puzzle and I'm trying to clean up a bit but sat down long enough to write this because I'm in awe of how beautiful they are!

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