Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thing's I've learned today: Second Edition

Asher can roll over from his tummy to his back, repeatedly.

And he gets mad when he gets to his back and can't flip back.

He also loves the swing. Why didn't I bring that inside sooner?

Elijah does not like peeps. At all. Ok, he likes to smoosh them but not to eat.

Kyley apparently has decided she has an aversion to wheat bread. Just today. Never had a problem before.

Asher likes to talk. He is always cooing and trying to tell me or Kyley something (depending on who's playing with him at the time)

Elijah doesn't like for Asher to sleep, AT ALL. (oh wait, I have known this a while)

While I'm learning things, does anyone know why Kate is called a Duchess and not Princess?  Kyley and I are going to look that up in a few. Maybe I'll earn some swagbucks while I'm at it!

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  1. Prince William is now the Duke and Kate is now the Duchess. I think it has something to do with him being 2nd in line to the throne and the first in line has not claimed the throne. My guess is that if Prince Charles becomes King Charles then William will be Prince William again and Kate will become Princess Katherine.

    I really have no idea how the monarchy works, but it made sense to me. Can't have too many "Prince" who-evers running would get confusing.

  2. Ah, nope I was kinda right and wrong. It is protocol but its...well go read here.