Saturday, June 19, 2010

A boy's gotta do, what a boy's gotta do!

Apparently, Elijah was hungry.

Derek and I were out back working in the yard, and on the deck. Elijah was sleeping, and Kyley was playing outside with us. Next thing I know, I see Elijah walk across the kitchen with a bowl. Ok no problem.

I go inside a few minutes later to this.


Apparently, he was hungry. And took matters into his own hands.


  1. One of these days, he'll be CEO of a corporation and be taking those matters into his own hands too!

    Gotta love a man who knows what he wants and gets it!

  2. ROFL Oh boy! At least he didn't get the milk out! Too cute :) Oh and speaking from experience with 2 of mine, even better that it wasn't peanut butter!