Sunday, November 8, 2009

an abundant revolution?


I'm so amazed at God's sovereignty.

Many times this week- the same thing has come up in conversation.

And not just with one person.

With many DIFFERENT people.

I love that about Him.

God has been speaking into my life, and as I was talking to a friend last night I felt the spirit say to me...

Melanie... what if EVERY Christian, would yield to God, and say "God, please speak for me today." How much more abundantly loving would their words and actions be?


Let me reprhase that...

What if *I* would absolutely daily yield to God, and ask Him to, Lord PLEASE speak for me today. How much more abundantly loving and compassionate would my words and actions be?

Friday night at Celebrate Recovery, we talked about our hearts. And I posed the question to the kids... are your hearts today abundantly loving or angry? And most of the responses were abundantly loving. But then I asked, did you show abundant love in every word you spoke, or the actions you portrayed, or even your body language today?

Every single breath we take, every word we speak, even our thoughts affect other people even if indirectly.

How MUCH MORE, abundantly loving, would our actions be if we let GOD do the speaking.

The word abundantly is defined as something that is:

Copious, Profuse, Overflowing, Plentiful, Teeming, and Rich

or if you look to just the root word abundant, which means:

Present in great quantity
More than adequate
Well supplied

Can we show abundant love on our own?

Can we show love in great quantity by our own accord?

I know for me, I can't!

So this leads me to revolution.

Today's entire message was on changing the world... a revolution.

Revolution is a sudden, complete or marked change in something.

I don't know about you but I want to have a sudden and complete or marked change in my heart. In my actions. In my speech. In my body language. In my LIFE.

One of the songs we sang goes like this...

Start a revolution
Change the world I see
Start a revolution, In Me
Hope's not an illusion
Love's a reality
Start a Revolution
Use Me

Oh how I want Him to use me- to change my heart and speak THROUGH me. 

and the song goes on to say...

Ohhh Let the world see
Ohhh What it means to be free

Man- I wish I had the words...

But I don't... He does.

How can we change the world?   How can we be more abundantly loving?

How can we show them what it means to be free?

oh... how precious is the freedom He gives us... 

What more freedom is there, than to be so free in Him, that we ask Him and allow Him to speak through us? 

Lord, I praise You. I thank You for your awesomeness, and Your divine sovereignty in my life.  I thank You for speaking to my heart and showing me how to be more like You.  Lord, start a revolution in me. Change me. Speak through me. Show others what it means to be free. USE ME. 


  1. oh wow sister! You hit the nail on the head.. I felt the Holy Spirit reading this. It is awesome to grow, with you, and so Many from the Bloom site!! All God, All God!!
    to echo Tia...
    Amen! and Amen!

  2. Oooooooooohhhhh... such a powerful message, such truth... LOVE this post. That's my daily prayer... I want to be His "Ghost Writer", just like Tia so beautifully stated a while ago. To have His words flow through me for Him.

    I love to see the way God is moving our lives through Bloom. Thank you for inspiring, sharing, thank you for shining His light so beautifully!