Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Learning and growing... and praying God's word!

Today has been an awesome day, and I'm amazed at the awesome things that God is doing in our lives! I've been longing for some structure to my prayer life to keep me accountable and to help me grow closer to God and to seek His will more. A friend just yesterday asked me if I wanted to start a 7x7 prayer with her. What it is, is 7 prayers a day for 7 days a week over our children.... the link to the blog is here

I sat down last night and made up reminders with the prayers on them and posted them in familiar places to what they were pertaining to. The idea is, that at 7 given points in my children's day, I will pray for them. But I decided to take that a step farther- I decided that I will not only pray these over my children but over my husband and myself as well! I'm completely convinced that God delights when we pray His word and promises over His children and I intend to do so faithfully from this point foward. For my children, for my husband, for my family and friends.

My husband made the comment about how this could get legalistic, and boy could it, but I say, hey a happy reminder that I need to take time out of my busy day whenever I see one of my reminders to pray for my family... Praise the Lord for a reminder!

I can't wait to see what God is going to do through this renewed spirit within me to pray for His will in our lives!

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