Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How beautiful kids are- and how silly!

We just got home from picking up Matt from school- both kids were fully dressed, and I left them in the living room together to work on cooking something for the thanksgiving dinner tonight. Next thing I know I came to check my email and I hear Kyley blowing raspberries on Elijah's stomach and he's all happy... it didn't dawn on me that he just a few minutes earlier had on a sleeper and she wouldn't have been able to do this LOL.... Next thing I know, I hear Kyley exclaim... "MOM I opened his diaper and HE POOPED!" um...... *runs to see what she's done* She undid the dipe and then was running from him going DONT PEE ON ME!!!!! lol So I had to quickly change the diaper and get him clean... *sigh* what a silly girl she is...

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