Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a post in which i ramble a lot and there are no pictures


I'm really making an effort to stay up to date with the blog.

I created it to document our lives and to share things God has laid on my heart and lately I've not been doing a great job of fulfilling that.

The last few weeks have been super busy.

I've started my own business. Or at least I'm working on it.

You can see that HERE  Well at least the facebook fan page. I'm working on getting a website live, I just haven't gotten there yet.

I'm teaching preschool this week. It makes me miss the gym just a tad. But makes me grateful to be a stay at home mom all the more.

Kyley has 3 more soccer games this season. 

Next week she graduates from preschool.

Earlier this month Elijah turned 2. I have tons of birthday party pics to post.

We also have a dance recital this month as well.

God has blessed us. Over and over and over again.

We are going to the zoo tomorrow for a field trip. That should be fun.

Someone offered to buy all of the kids burgers while we're there. Thanks Sue!

I'm stoked about what we have going at Celebrate Recovery. God is moving.

Derek's birthday is tomorrow. Happy early birthday dear.

I really think this has been random enough now haha

Look foward to a few pictures posts in the upcoming days. I can't wait to show you some of the things we've been up to!

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  1. Hey Sunshine! Good to see you posting -- I love random posts :o) It's like little soundbites of life all grouped together in one spot!

    Miss you :o)