Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Fall Schedule:

so ... this fall we're starting a whole new era of our lives....


Tonight we take Kyley to orientation to meet her teacher for K4.

Adding to the list of a busy fall schedule yesterday my "little lady" as she so affectionately likes to be called started her second year of dance.


and she loved it :)


which is no surprise!

And in 2 weeks she begins fall soccer.
And the week after that will actually start K4.

My sweet little lady is growing up way too fast!


  1. GOODNESS She looks SOOO grown up!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love that we both have Elijah's :-) Your kids are SO cute!

  3. By the way, which discussion did you find me on BF? I've only responded to I think 3 since I just joined? :-)

  4. You're so funny! I tend to do that when I see "Elijah" too! I don't know much about BF yet - all the great ins and outs :-)

  5. Obviously since I've only responded to 3 threads, I'm not on there much either. Yes, there is NON-STOP drama going on. I can't keep up! I have a hard enough time chasing after a 2-year old, 2 dogs, a cat, working full-time and being almost 4 months pregnant! Oh yeah, and being married :-)