Thursday, July 23, 2009

Updates, Updates, and MORE updates!!!

First of all, Please keep my family in your prayers. My aunt Jenny is at home on hospice and they are not sure how much longer she will live. This is a very difficult time for our family as you can imagine. Just keep everyone lifted up in prayer please!

On to other things... Elijah had his 15 month appt this week!
He is 25 lbs now! My chunky monkey! He says a LOT of words randomly. He can say Yuck, ball, kyky, "issy" (sissy), choo choo, duck, quack quack, please, thank you, yes, no, mama, daddy, pap, pawpaw, and a few others I can't remember right now. He climbs on everything and is such a happy kid. He loves to make you laugh :) I can't believe he's almost 16 months old!

VBS starts next week, and we are so excited about that- we look forward to this week every summer because it is tons of fun!!! I'm sure I'll be updating with LOTS of pics after VBS! :) I know you are all just dying to see the silly stuff we do!

Anddddddd, Yesterday, we signed Kyley up for PRESCHOOL! :) I cannot believe my baby is going to school *tear* Where did all the time go? She is soooo excited and is already talking about picking out a backpack (but she already has one go figure) and she wants a lunch box even though she won't be eating lunch AT school haha silly girl :) She's over the moon excited though!

Anyways, that seems to be all for now! Hoping to get a few new posts up in the next few days I've been working on!

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