Friday, October 3, 2008

Quick updates and apologies :)

I've been slacking in the update department the past week or so- we've had a lot going on and most of us have been sick at some point or another.

First of all, today is Elijah's 6 month bday :) and Isaac Marcus is 9 months today as well!! sooooo Happy Month Birthday to you boys :) (pics will follow I'm sure)

Second, my sister is in the hospital and needs a healing touch from God. She's 32 yrs old and went in on Monday to have a triple bypass. Sometime Wed. it seems that an artery ruptured and she was hemorrhaging. They called the family in, said it was bad and they didn't know how long she'd make it. When I heard back that evening she'd went into surgery, and came out at least somewhat better and the bleeding had stopped, but the next day they'd moved her to another room and she was hemorrhaging again and having some sort of hallucinations. Please pray for her- she has 2 sons who need their momma.

Thirdly, my dad's uncle Carroll is in the hospital- all I know is they are giving him a few days and that he's having heart failure. *sigh* when it rains it pours huh?
Please pray for my family, my daddy especially as he's having a rough time I'm sure.

More updates to come later, but I've gotta make lunch!

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